Announcing: The Zeus Project

As you may have read in previous posts regarding the “P.M.H.”‘s potential as a new form of capacitor, as well as my ongoing article regarding the nature of St. Elmo’s Fire and its possible applications, I am working on putting together what I’ve come to call a “Mobile Laboratory”. This Mobile Laboratory, once completed, will become the main platform from which I will begin conducting experiments in regards to these things. I will provide more details about this soon.


What is “VestriLabs Aero”?

This page, while currently a work in progress, will be the future home of an ongoing endeavor of mine to expand upon my knowledge of the world of aerospace, nuclear and conventional physics and engineering through research, experimentation and implementation. VestriLabs is an internet resource that I am establishing so as to share the things that I personally learn and discover in such a way as to make this information easily accessible to my peers and fellows. The dynamic I aim to establish is one in which limitations such as finances can be addressed and overcome by making this resource donation based, both monetarily as well as in terms of communal sharing of information. I have many long-term goals as to what I wish to do with the information obtained through this research and plans for implementation of the various projects that will be seen here as integral components of even a greater project.

To get started, use the “Home”, “About”, “Projects”, “Experiments”, “Research”, or “Why Donate?” buttons at the very top of the site, and enjoy! Also, don’t forget to download the VestriLabs RSS Feed to stay up to date with any new projects or updates.