What is the “Surplus” page all about?

In the course of my projects, there will be times when I will have to purchase component parts from various online suppliers. For cost-effectiveness purposes, it is usually easier to suplly and ship these components in bulk packages ranging from 10, 100, or even 1000 units depending on the component or part. What this means is that I usually end up with a whole lot of something I don’t need (for example, the flyback driver I am working on only needs one 2N2222 transistor, but Radioshack ships them in packs of 10 or even 20 more commonly than they do packs of one). Jameco Electronics, a parts and components supplier that I usually go to for hard to find parts, even charges extra for not ordering in bulk.

What we end up with is a situation wherein I am stuck with a lot of extra, or surplus, components that I will probably never use but will not throw away. The mutual benefit in this for you is that I will have components, parts, etc. that I need to find a use for, and you may have a project that can use them! Posted below is a list {under construction} of everything that I have. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page {also under construction} with what you want, and the quantity, and I will tell you how much, if anything, it will cost to ship, and any possible issues. Components such as magnetrons and H.V. capacitors, or chemicals such as acids will only be considered under strict circumstances for safety reasons.

How does this differ from the “Scrap Exchange“?

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In-Page Link Catalog:

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    Component Template: i.e. Transistors

    2N2222 Switching Transistor
    Image: Type: Transistor
    NPN Type Switching Transistor
    Quantity On-Hand: 9
    Datasheet Link: NXP Semiconductors (PDF)

    Component Template: i.e. Transformers

    1200W Microwave Oven Transformer
    Image: Type: Transformer
    1200W Microwave Oven Transformer (MOT), Center-tapped, Removable Secondary
    Quantity On-Hand: 1
    Datasheet Link: Contact me for details.

    Component Template: i.e. Miscellaneous

    Phillips 1200W Magnetron
    Image: Type: Magnetron
    Magnetron Unit from a 1200 Watt Phillips Microwave Oven, Functioning with some minor sputtering.
    Quantity On-Hand: 1
    Datasheet Link: Contact Me for details.

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