Donations & Exchange

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Why Donate?

All (or most) of the projects that you will find on the VestriLabs sci-blog are done using items that I acquire as “anonymous donations” (i.e. somebody leaving an old microwave on a curbside which I personally interpret as a sign that the forces of the universe are saying ‘hey! make something awesome with this but don’t blow yourself up!’) or stuff that I have laying around the apartment which I would otherwise throw away or use to collect spare dust in the air. However, certain projects will require a part that just doesn’t exist in anything currently in my possession, such as a particular MOSFET, or a HAM radio crystal. In these instances, I have to either buy the component, or wait for something to come along that has it. That is where donations could come in and save the day. As a student living in a city, it is hard to make money to afford the cost of living, let alone have enough on hand to just purchase anything that I may need to pursue my passions in physics and engineering (I’m not rich, you know?) so I’ve set up this wonderful form and button so that, if you like this Science Blog, these projects, would like to see me do particular experiment, or simply support what it is that I am trying to do, there is a way in which you can help! Four ways, actually, which are detailed below:

Financial Donations

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What is “The Scrap Exchange”?

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” ”

Driving Constructive Criticism

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How This Form Works:
It is pretty straight forward, but I will give a brief explanation for the sake of clarity.
After having read the descriptions on each of the different ways you can help support the VestriLabs Science Blog, scroll down to begin.
1) Simply enter your name. You can give a fake name if you wish, but then when I recognize you for your contribution and contact you, I will call you by that name which will make for a good laugh, but you would not be recognized as YOU.
2) Enter your e-mail. Don’t worry, the only place that this e-mail address goes to is me personally. Nobody else will ever see it… unless for some reason you request me to share it (which I would be more than happy to oblige, though I don’t know why you would want me to do that). The reason for giving me your e-mail is so that I can write you back and thank you, as well as keep you informed about how your contribution will help, or to coordinate with you in regards to a scrap exchange request. I WILL NOT spam you, because any e-mail sent to this address is hand written by me personally, and I haven’t the time, nor the interest in sending you spam (nor the money to buy a bot program to do it for me… obviously).
3) Select your donation type. This is pretty straightforward. Select which type of means you would like to contribute to the VestriLabs Science Labs. As I’ve said before, I value any and all forms of contribution. When some people ask for a donation, they strictly mean it in terms of monetary support. However, volunteering to help maintain the sci-blog with your personal experiences and talents (or in-person help if you are in the Seattle area), offering to dump that old television on my front porch since you don’t want it anymore, or simply suggesting project and experiment ideas or ways in which I can improve this Science Blog are just as important to me, and as integral to this Sci-Blog as financial support.
4) Insert a comment. Tell me what you want your donation to go toward, write out your constructive criticism, explain to me the way in which you were wanting to possibly volunteer, or write an inquiry to me to see if I have a surplus of that particular transistor or capacitor you desperately need for your own project (or ones that you wished to reproduce from this blog).
5) Invoice option. This part primarily pertains to financial donations that are dedicated toward a specific purpose, so that monetary donors can track what their contribution has gone toward. The options pretty much explain themselves.

After selecting these options, press the “submit” button. If you plan on making a financial donation though, you will have to hit the “make a donation” Paypal button afterward (sorry, I couldn’t figure out any way to integrate these into one form).


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